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Health Policy




We reserve the right to temporarily deny any child admittance, or to require early departure should symptoms become apparent during the course of the day, for reasons of obvious illness including, but not limited to, a temperature of 101.0 degrees and/or symptoms and signs of possible severe illness.

Please keep in mind that when small children are not feeling well, the thing that they need most is TLC from mom or dad.

If a child is too ill to participate in "regular" daily activities, he/she is too ill to be left at the center.

If your child is sent home due to illness, he/she must meet the criteria listed below before returning to the center:

1. Fever - fever free (without Tylenol) for at least 24 hours.

2. Upper Respiratory Infection - must be seen by a doctor and return with a doctor’s note stating that treatment is being given or is not required.

3. Diarrhea - no diarrhea for 24 hours.

4. Vomiting - no vomiting for 24 hours. .

5. Inflamed Eye - must be seen by a doctor and be on medication for at least 24 hours, before child returns.

6. Skin Infection (of unknown origin) - must be seen by a doctor and return with a doctor’s note stating that treatment is being given or is not required.

Discipline Policies

 Toddlers groups:

At this early stage they are curious and have not yet mastered their social skills. Social skills are learned behaviors, saying "please", "thank you", and sharing. Children at this age think nothing of taking someone else's toy, book. Example: If two children are fighting over a toy, they will be separated. It is explained to the children that they need to be nice and to share with their friends. The same goes for pushing. Staff will redirect and re-enforce positive manners. At this early age we work with each child to develop their social skills.

Preschooler 3 and older groups:

The staff communicates with children in a positive manner whereby each child is encouraged to use his/her words to express their feelings or problems. The staff will help each child to use the right words if they are having problems expressing themselves. The teacher can also become the facilitator between two children to help resolve a conflict. The children are guided in resolving the problem themselves. The end result is more worthwhile if the resolution is their own.










































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