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Infant Program





Lead Teacher: Miss Maria                                   
Teacher Aide: Miss Amanda                         Melissa                                        













Baby enrollment as young as 6 weeks .   

  • The Infant Program allows for 8 infants at a time.  
  • We follow the individual parent infant written daily schedule.  Each parent is asked to write a schedule of their baby's feeding, sleeping, and any special needs their baby might have.  This enables our staff to better meet the needs of each baby. Each child's schedule is posted and updated by their parents as they change and grow.
  • Bottle feeding babies are held and rocked.
  • A detailed written daily report is sent home each day.  This allows our parents to monitor all their baby's feeding, sleeping, diaper changing, and other daily activities.
  • If your child comes in very early we will be delighted to feed him or her breakfast. 
  • Mid morning snack for the older infants.
  • Weather permitting, we take the babies out each day for a walk in the morning and afternoon.  
  • Daily activities for the older infants.
  • Lunch is served around 11:30 am for the older infants.
  • Older babies will take a nap after lunch.
  • Afternoon snack will be served for the older infants..
  • If a child is picked up close to 6:00 pm., we will be happy to feed your child their dinner if so requested. 
  • When our infants reaches about 17 months old, they slowly begin to transition to our Toddler program.















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