Preschool Program




Lead Teacher Preschool 4:  Miss Joyce                                          Lead Teacher Preschool 3:  Miss Paullette                                  Teacher's Aide:  Miss Heather 




                      Art Program

 We provide our preschool children with a safe, clean, loving, fun environment, with an emphasis on learning!  Our daily routine may include math, science, music & movement, poetry, arts & crafts and books, just to name a few of the activities.  

We are a busy group and love to try new things.  The curriculum planned has a variety of concepts.  We try to keep it fun, but at the same time, a great learning experience.

  Music Movement



Preschool Daily Schedule

8:30- 9:00        Snack, bathroom, and library

9:00-10:00        Outside play

10:00-10:45       Circle time

10:45-11:30       Wash up, lunch, and, clean up

11:30-12:00       Art, activity

12:00- 2:00       Bathroom, nap/quiet time

2:00-2:45          Snack, bathroom, library

2:45-4:00         (PM) Circle time

4:00-5:00         Outside play

5:00-6:00         Quiet center play  










                            To contact us:

Phone: 203-272-5716
Fax:   203-271-3080
Email: klessard@cox.net