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Jack & Jill Childcare Center

August 2009 Newsletter


A Note from Kim

Where did the summer go? I canít believe it is almost over already. I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. We have been able to get a few sprinkler days in for the children even with all the rain we have had. Hopefully we will have better weather in August so the children can enjoy extra sprinkler days. Soon enough it will be September and our friends will be back to their regular schedules as summer ends and the school year begins again.

As part of the State regulations Enrollment Forms and Child Care Contracts must be update on a yearly basis. I will be sending the forms home in August. Please complete the forms and return them as soon as possible.

I want to thank all of you for your continued support in signing your children in and out each day.



Itís hard to believe that the last month of summer is upon us. Let all of us enjoy every moment of it. Hopefully next month will still be warm and sunny since we had a lot of rain last month. We would love to be able to continue to have fun outside.

Logan is finally walking! Way to go Logan! He is walking all over the room. When he visits the Toddler Room he loves to play with the big kids. He caní wait to move-up, but itís not time yet. Soon enough he will be in the toddler room.

Luke is now feeding himself and loves it. He likes to listen to the music and also loves bubbles. He likes to watch his big friends play around the room. He smiles at you when you call his name.

Aiden is now rolling when he is on the floor and in his crib. He is trying hard to crawl while he is on the floor and sometimes he becomes vocal. Most of all he can sit on the floor with the help of the bobby pillow. I as so proud of him.

We say goodbye to Gabby and Cameron. Gabby will be moving to the Toddler Room this month. We will miss her smiling face in our baby room. I am sure that she will love the toddler room and enjoy being with her new friends. Cameron is now close to momís work. This way mom can visit her and spend time with her everyday on her lunch hour. Lucky Cameron.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Miss Maria, Miss Paullette & Miss Amanda


Summer is almost over! We will have our last summer filled month of activities because after this itís back to our numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc.

This month we will have a fun week of outside activities on Monday August 3rd we will have a picnic lunch outside. Please send in a cold lunch. No heat ups if possible. The toddlers will also try to squeeze in a few more sprinkler days. Chalk and water play are also on the agenda as well as a fun nature walk outside the school.

Our toddlers are going on a fishing trip. They will be making fish and even try to catch them with their poles they will make. This should be fun.

Since our toddlers love music so much, we are going to have a whole week of music fun. We will have everything from instruments to singing and even some fun dancing. After all that we will even have a musical parade. Hope you donít mind the noise.

Last but not least for the month, we will have a whole week of weather fun. The toddlers will make raindrops and suns which will then make beautiful rainbows. The room will look very colorful Iím sure!

We have a warm welcome for Gabby. She has been transitioning from the baby room and will be joining us this month. She will have so much fun with her new and old friends.

We would like to say goodbye to Kyleigh. She will be moving up to the preschool room. She will be missed but will have a great time.

A very Happy 2nd Birthday to Kaila. She will be 2 August 17th, Happy Birthday!

Miss Lori, Miss Julie, Miss Tori & Miss Amanda



We are finally enjoying some warm, sunny weather! Hurrah! Weíve been enjoying the fun activities that only summer can bring. Sprinkler days have been a big success and hopefully we can look forward to lots more of them. Thank you to everyone who donated Popsicles. They get gobbled up fast and are a very welcome treat after a hot time playing outside. We like the cheap liquid ones that you freeze solid and just squeeze into our mouth! Yum!


Get ready to blast off to the moon and beyond! Weíll be making helmet headbands, rocket ships and explore Planet Preschool. Weíll be communicating with Mission Control to make sure all systems are GOÖÖ.for a fun time! The preschool astronauts will be exploring the moon and hopefully find some cool moon rocks and some stardust play dough!


We have been patiently watching our sunflowers grow taller and taller. Weíve been watering them and singing to them every day. Maybe some fun activities about sunflowers will make them grow faster! Weíll be making a sunflower sequencing project, make sunflower masks and even eat a sunflower.


The month will end with our old favorite, Jack & Jill Carnival! Get ready for pie tossing, ice cream projects, a circus train, games outside and of course our famous Petting Zoo! Bring either a live pet or stuffed animal to school. Welcome cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, hermit crabs, bunnies, monkeys and alligators!!


On a sad note we say Goodbye and Good Luck to our friend, Chris Santi. Chris has been here since he was a baby. Chris is off to First Grade. Victoria will still be here and will be off to Kindergarten on the noon bus along with Peter. We also say Goodbye to our friend, Miss Heather. Her college schedule is full this year and she will not be able to work. Miss Heather has been here for many years and we will sure miss you. Please come back and visit.

On a happy note we welcome Miss Heatherís younger sister, Amanda who will be taking over for her in Preschool! Please make your self known to her. Amanda has lots of daycare experience so she should fit right in! We also welcome Kyleigh McLean who will be joining us from the Toddler Room. And last but not least we welcome Miss Paullette back from her summer vacation.


Thank you to Taryn for the pancake syrup. Thank you to Nyssa for the catsup and thanks to Jack and Katie for all the toys, books and other neat stuff. We are still looking for a digital camera if anyone has upgraded their old one and could donate it we would sure love to take it off your hands!


August 26 Petting Zoo Ė All cats, dogs, hamsters, bunnies, hermit crabs, Fish, monkeys, and alligators welcome!

    1. Pizza Party - $3.00
    1. Goodbye Summer Picnic Ė Please bring cold lunch


Stay Cool!

Miss Joyce, Miss Heather, Miss Amanda and Miss Tori




























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